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I'm just a guy who's an artist for fun.

3DS Friend Code: 0920 - 1248 - 5785

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The Acolytes
Raise your mugs, you thieves and thugs
Join the rebel-rousing crowd
It's our house now!

:iconbillcipherplz: Hey-hey there everyone, Bill Cipher again! Hm, seems this kid has gathered me my own Knights of the Round Table. Lemme see, big purple guy with the hots for Death, evil recolor, some suit of armor with a superiority complex, ooh a couple of sirens, they could be useful. Anyway, I've had my fun here so enjoy your freedom while it lasts everyone! And remember, I'LL BE WATCHING YOU!

All characters and images belong to their respective owners.
The Time Twisters
Bio: Following the end of Trigon, a new golden age has begun in Toon City where more heroes began to make themselves known. And where there's do-gooders, there must also be fiendish n'er-do-wells. The evil Dr. Nefarious Tropy plots to rewrite time to rule the universe and used his technology to bring back several villains from the dead such as Arachne and Merlock to accomplish his goals.

Leader: Dr. N. Tropy (Crash Bandicoot)
Seconds in Command: Arachne Gorgon (Soul Eater) and Ultron (Marvel Comics)

  • Zavok (Sonic Lost World)
  • Bojack (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Merlock the Magician (Ducktales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp)
  • Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (DC Comics)
  • Mileena (Mortal Kombat)
  • Rip van Winkle (Hellsing)
  • Jasper (Steven Universe)
  • Dark Phoenix (Marvel Comics)

Base by :icondragonprince18:

Disney Ball Super: Team Universe 7
  • Son Mickey
  • Prince Oswald
  • Son Elmer
  • Donald Duck
  • Mortimer Mouse
  • Goof Shinhan
  • Master Scrooge
  • Android 18/Daisy Duck
  • Android 17/Tom Lucitor
  • Bill Cipher (participated in exhibition match, dropped out later on)
  • Lord Dominator

Base by :icon15sok:

Disney Ball Z: The D-Fighters
Basically it's like Dragon Ball Z and Disney characters. Yeah.

Mickey Mouse as Son Goku
Born as baby Kakamouse to the low class Saiyanimal warrior Elas (a pun on Walt Disney's middle name Elias), he was sent to Earth to destroy it when he became one of the sole survivors of Lord Dominator's destruction of Planet Oswald. He was found in a bamboo forest by an elderly pachyderm named Elmer (based off the Disney short Elmer the Elephant) and taken in as his grandson with the new name Mickey. For much of his infancy he was an unruly child until he was dropped on his head and became a nice boy. One day when he was a child he met a girl named Ortensia who told him that she was searching for the legendary Disney Balls, able to grant any wish. Ever since that day, Mickey has scoured the globe searching for the balls, meeting new friends and fighting dangerous enemies who threaten the safety of both Earth and the universe. Nowadays he lives a peaceful life with his wife Minnie and two sons Elmer and Roy (named for Roy O. Disney).

Donald Duck as Krillin
A monk from the Barkosa temple (a combination of Carl Barks and Don Rosa's names), he was often bullied for being a weakling and has a quite short temper. Deciding to leave the place, he went to train with the Money Hermit Scrooge McDuck, where he met his future best friend Mickey. At first the two weren't so fond of each other, often competing to see who's better. Eventually they became the best of pals after the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament and were pretty much inseparable. However, many years later Donald met his end at the hands of Lord Dominator, triggering Mickey's rage and becoming the Super Saiyanimal of legend. He now lives at Scrooge's island home the Money Bin with his wife Daisy and daughter Webby.

Mortimer Mouse as Piccolo
The final son and reincarnation of Demon King Ratigan, he was hatched to kill Mickey, avenge his father and take over the world. Facing off with him at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and even nearly winning, Mickey defeated him and decided to let him go so that he can get stronger. Five years later, he came face to face with the mouse again after a Saiyanimal warrior calling himself the Big Bad Wolf revealed his heritage and kidnapped his son Elmer. The two were forced to team up to save him, which ended with Mortimer killing both Mickey and the Wolf. When everyone learned of the battle and that two more Saiyanimals were coming, Mortimer kidnapped Elmer intending to train him. In a year's time, Mortimer grew fond of the boy and eventually sacrificed himself to protect him from Pete. He currently spends his days watching over the boy as he grew into a man.

Horace Horsecollar as Yamcha
One of Mickey's first friends when he searched for the Disney Balls as a child with Ortensia. Although he was recognized for being a force to be reckoned with, his biggest flaw was that he was terrible with girls. When he and his partner Bonkers crossed paths with the two, he started to become a better person eventually becoming one of Mickey's closest friends and most powerful allies following their battle with the ruthless King Candy & his cronies Shego and Honest John. While he is often ridiculed for being incredibly weak compared to his comrades, he makes up for it in fighting spirit and desire to protect others.

Goofy as Tien Shinhan
Raised as the most powerful student of Flintheart Glomgold, the Goose Hermit and longtime rival of Scrooge, he and his son Max first met Mickey at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. He is often called a cold and ruthless warrior with no sense of empathy for his opponents, but it's all a lie and he's really just a lovable guy who's doing as he's told and doesn't know any better. After becoming the champion, he learned the error of his ways and left Glomgold behind, joining Mickey and his friends. When the Saiyanimals arrived on Earth and Max gave up his life to try and stop Pete, Goofy was furious at how his son's sacrifice was all for nothing and he let out one final energy blast before dying. After being resurrected, he took part in the battle against Dr. Rippen's greatest creation Toffee, most notably when he held the Bio-Android done with a Neo-Kikoho.

Elmer (based off the character from the short Mickey Plays Papa, depicted here as Tiny Tim from Mickey's Christmas Carol) as Gohan
The firstborn son of Son Mickey, his mother Minnie wanted him to be a scholar while Mickey wanted him to fight by his side against the next threat to Earth. Nevertheless, he was a friendly boy who was very respectful of others. One day when Mickey took him to see his old friends, a mysterious wolf flew in and kidnapped him, revealing himself to be Mickey's long lost brother. Mickey went out to save him alongside Mortimer, which is where Elmer unleashed his power on the Wolf when his father was in danger. After Mickey sacrificed himself to kill Wolf, Mortimer took him far away to train with him and prepare for the invasion. Although he was very reluctant to side with the person who killed his father, he began to form a bond with Mortimer right down to him ushing to his side when he was blasted by Pete. Enraged, he assaulted the brutish cat with an energy attack. It seems he can only unlock his power when angered as shown when he went all out on Lord Dominator after she impaled Donald and most notably, when he destroyed Toffee once and for all.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as Vegeta
The prince of all Saiyanimals and one of the strongest of their race at the time. When his father King Oswald learned that Elas has declared war on Dominator claiming she would destroy them all, he sent away his son accompanied by Pete, the general of his army, just in case. After both him and his race were slaughtered, Oswald was forced into becoming one of Dominator's most powerful warriors. At one point in time, he learned of the Disney Balls from the Big Bad Wolf's scouter and he got the idea to wish for immortality. He & Pete searched the cosmos for their location for an entire year before finally touching down on Earth. After slaughtering most of the D-Fighters and eventually his own partner for being a weakling, he squared off against the renegade Kakamouse in a battle that would become legendary. Accepting defeat after Mickey decided to spare him, he decided to follow them to the planet Namouse to find their Disney Balls, killing Dominator's minions such as Big Mitch, Gantu, Frollo and the Rourke Force along the way. He sadly met his end at the hands of Dominator but not before he told Goku to destroy her and avenge their race. After being revived, he started living with Ortensia and eventually produced a son named Oswald Junior and a daughter named Melissa (named after Melissa Disney), growing more protective of his family and Earth.

Daisy Duck as Android 18
Originally a streetrat who often caused trouble with another punk named Tom, the two were captured and experimented on by Dr. Rippen, becoming Androids 17 and 18. The two were built to exact Rippen's revenge on Mickey for destroying the Red Ribbon Army and killing his son. After a long battle, Rippen released the two to destroy them, only for them to release Android 16 aka "Norm" and killing him. The trio started causing mischief around the world until they were discovered by Toffee. After her partner was absorbed by him on his quest to become perfect, Daisy began to side with the heroes and fall for Donald, but unfortunately she was absorbed as well. After being revived, she and Donald married and had a daughter named Webby.

Bill Cipher as Majin Buu
The great destroyer of worlds himself. Found thousands of years ago by the wizard Budidi (based off of Bud Gleeful), he was used to carry out his new master's dreams of destroying the universe and slaughtering the Supreme Kais until he was sent away to Earth in a capsule until the time was right. But Budidi got himself killed on the aftermath and thus was unable to awaken him. Years later, Budidi's clone son Gididi (based off of Lil Gideon) took it upon himself to collect Kili so that he can release Bill. Eventually he succeded but it turns out Bill was a completely different being than expected due to absorbing Joy, the Grand Supreme Kai and went about making his own chaos until he met the world champion Grunkle Satan and became friends with him. But when Satan was shot by an average gunman, Bill snapped and unleashed his evil half, who absorbed him becoming Super Bill and finally Kid Bill. After helping Mickey defeat his original counterpart, Bill now lives a peaceful life with Grunkle Satan, his friend's great niece and nephew Dipper & Mabel and his new friends.

Base by :icondragonprince18:


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